off the screen

and onto the green!

Enrichment Programming

Perfect for early education centers, preschools, libraries, museums and more, LEARN IN MOTION designs enrichment programming to fit the needs of your classroom or location.  

education through sports

Community events

Check out what LEARN IN MOTION is doing around the community! Contact us if you would like to organize an event in your town! 

MISSION: Through educational introductory sports classes, school enrichment programming, special events and more, LEARN IN MOTION ​​gets kids active, socializing, and practicing important life skills such as listening, following directions, sharing, taking turns, teamwork, and overcoming challenges. LEARN IN MOTION programs combine traditional classroom content with movement-based activities so kids are moving, learning and having a BALL!

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Introductory Sports Classes

LEARN IN MOTION sports classes teach basic sports and social skills, all while teaching important preschool academic content such as letters, numbers, shapes, colors and more!